An experienced and trained maid that is wiping down a table with a green rag and yellow gloves for a vacation rental property in St. Charles, MO.

Why You Should Invest In Professional Cleaners For Your Vacation Rentals

Listing your St. Charles, MO vacation property on sites like VRBO and Airbnb is a great way to make a little extra money and makes it possible to afford that cottage by the lake or house in the woods you’ve always dreamed of. However, with rental guests comes responsibility, and guests expect a thorough cleaning, disinfecting, and sanitizing before they arrive, especially in this COVID era. Therefore, you must meet or exceed those expectations to get good reviews and keep guests returning yearly.

While you can do these cleaning tasks yourself, it can become somewhat overwhelming if your home is rented for the entire season. Investing in a professional cleaning service like Golden Rule Cleaning and More can free up your time while ensuring your guests have the best experience possible. However, saving time is one of several good reasons to hire a professional cleaning company for your vacation rental.

Benefits of Investing in a Professional Cleaning Service for Your Vacation Rental

In addition to saving you the time and hard work of cleaning your rental property between guests, using a cleaning service means that you don’t have to go out and purchase a variety of cleaning supplies and worry about whether you have what you need in the unit. Your cleaning service will bring their hospital-grade supplies and protective gloves. You can even request that they use green products.

A professional cleaning service like Golden Rule Cleaning and More in St. Charles, MO can also help offer a quicker turnaround service to your guests. While it might take a full day or longer to prepare the house for the next guest, a professional crew can clean it thoroughly so it’s ready in a few hours. That means less downtime for the rental and more money in your pocket.

Protecting Yourself by Using a Professional Cleaning Service

Hiring professional cleaners keeps you from being exposed to bacteria and viruses. Professional cleaners wear gloves and other protective gear to help keep them safe. You can also use your professional cleaning in your marketing. Your guests will appreciate the fact that a professional crew has cleaned and sanitized the rental house.

Commercial Cleaning with Golden Rule Cleaning and More

Golden Rule Cleaning & More, Inc. offers a variety of commercial cleaning and home cleaning services for owners of rental properties in the St. Charles, MO area. We provide personalized service, high-quality cleaning products, clear agreements, eco-friendly cleaning, and more. Our top priority is your satisfaction and that of your rental property guests.

To learn more about weekly cleaning and basic cleaning for your St. Charles, MO vacation rental, contact Golden Rule Cleaning & More, Inc. at 314.375.4688. We’re a local, woman-owned business, and we’ve been helping home and business owners with their general cleaning needs for over a decade. Visit our website for coupons and current discounts.

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