Providing a Healthy,Safer,Better,Green Maid Cleaning Service!

Professional Cleaning Services

Residential - Commercial - Janitorial

Providing a <span style="color:#FF01A7;">Healthy</span>, <span style="color:#007cbc;">Safer</span>, <span style="color:#f68d2c;">Better</span>, <span style="color:#6BAF21;">Green<span> Maid Cleaning Service!

Professional Cleaning Services

Residential - Commercial - Janitorial

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High-Quality Residential & Commercial Cleaning Services in St. Charles Missouri

Golden Rule Cleaning & More is St. Charles, Missouri’s number one residential and commercial cleaning service when it comes to homes and businesses in the area. To guarantee a perfect eco-friendly finish, our team of experts utilizes the finest hospital-grade sanitizing cleaning solutions to keep your property clean for longer periods. Customer satisfaction is our primary goal at Golden Rule Cleaning & More. If you enjoy the work of one of our cleaners, you may ask them to be your permanent cleaning maid so that you always receive the same perfect results. Our team specializes in everything from home and business cleaning to janitorial services. Get in touch with us today for information on how to book your first time or revolving cleaning service!

At Golden Rule Cleaning & More in St. Charles Missouri We Provide:

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Green Cleaning Services

When it comes to eco-friendly cleaning materials, equipment, and procedures, we take pride in utilizing only the finest at Golden Rule Cleaning & More in St. Charles, MO. Our team is certified to use the latest green cleaning solutions for homes and businesses to not only improve the cleanliness of your most frequented spaces but to look after the environment as well. We are a proud green maid cleaning company that offers a variety of benefits for homeowners and businesses in St. Charles, MO. Here are just a handful of the outstanding advantages that our green maid cleaning service can provide:

We Now Offer Carpet Cleaning Services

Whether you have pets that love to get messy outside or children that run amuck through the house, Golden Rule Cleaning & More is here to offer quality carpet cleaning services for your home in St. Charles, MO. We understand how frustrating it can be to have a dirty carpet, particularly when you have visitors, that’s why we provide the best methods for removing those bothersome stains so your carpet can appear like new again! Our team is skilled in residential and commercial carpet cleaning so you will never have to deal with a pesky carpet stain again. To guarantee a quality service every time, we utilize our hospital-grade eco-friendly products and equipment. For professional carpet cleaning services for your home or business, contact our team today to book your first appointment!

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About Golden Rule Cleaning & More

Golden Rule Cleaning & More is a woman-owned company dedicated to assisting families and businesses with their hectic schedules by providing quality and reliable cleaning services. We recognize that in today’s world, families are balancing dozens of commitments, making domestic tasks such as dishes and laundry almost difficult to complete. That is why our cleaning company is the number one choice for homeowners and companies in the St. Charles, MO area. Our staff is well-versed in the most effective eco-friendly methods for saving time and reducing stress while having multiple certifications and continuous training to ensure your property receives reliable cleaning services every single time. At Golden Rule Cleaning & More, we hope that by investing in our maid cleaning services, that you can finally focus on the most essential aspects of your life.