6 Tips To Keep Your Floors Clean With Messy Dogs

As wonderful companions as they are, dogs can make a mess out of your home when indoors, especially your floors! 

Home cleaning experts understand that while dogs are wonderful companions, they can turn your floors into a messy battleground. Dealing with muddy paw prints, shedding fur, and unexpected accidents can be a constant challenge. But fret not! We’ve got you covered with six valuable tips to help you keep your floors spotless and your home a clean haven for both you and your furry friend.

Tip #1. Walk your dog regularly (and clean their paws after!) 

As if keeping your dogs happy and healthy wasn’t enough, taking your pets for a walk will also keep your floors cleaner! But how? 

Whenever you take your dogs outside, their waste and shedding hair ends up somewhere other than your floors—that’s less mess on your hands! Just remember to wipe their paws of dirt once you come home.

Tip #2. Groom your dog consistently 

Many things that dirty your floors come from your dog’s fur. They can carry loose hairs, dirt, dust, and all sorts of debris!

So, caring for their fur is important: shower your dogs according to their breed and brush them often to keep them clean and healthy.

Tip #3. Clean accidents right away

Unless you want to struggle with sticky floors on top of your everyday chores, you need to clean your pet’s accidents right away! 

So, if your dog didn’t make it on time to do its needs, grab a safe-for-pets floor cleaner (to avoid harming or accidentally poisoning your furry friend) and wipe it as soon as you can! Your dog, nose, and floors will thank you.

Tip #4. Keep all the dog’s food and treats in one space

Having all your dog’s things limited to a smaller space will keep the mess contained and make it easier to clean. All you need to do is assign a spot in your kitchen or living room for the food and treats.

Also, when it’s feeding time, get a small mat under their plates to make cleaning easier—just shake it over a trash can when it gets dirty!

Tip #5. Be careful of what you feed your dogs

Dogs can’t just eat anything, and when something doesn’t vibe with their stomachs, they can’t hold it in as well as a person! In the case of dog food, even drastically changing their dry food brand can give their tummy a hard time, making accidents more prone to happen.

So, you always need to be careful of what your dogs are eating. If you change their kibble, do it gradually—never suddenly—to avoid them unintentionally dirtying your floors!

Tip #6. Limit the places where your dog can go

This tip may come as an obvious thing, but many people overlook this solution and allow their dogs to go anywhere in their homes, which makes cleaning a bigger hassle than it should be!

So, if you have hard-to-clean surfaces in some rooms—like carpet or hardwood—why not keep your dogs out of those areas? This way, you can also limit the spaces you have to deep clean.

Do you still need help? Let us keep your floors clean!

Keeping clean floors, with or without dogs, is a task you have to keep doing over and over again. If this routine is wearing you down, why not get help and scratch this off your to-do list?

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