A weekly house cleaner for a residential family in Earth City, MO that benefits from frequent cleaning services.

Why It’s Worth It to Have a Weekly House Cleaner

We get it. Life happens, from extended job hours to kids’ activities to unexpected visits from the in-laws. However, hiring a weekly house cleaner in Earth City, MO is easy, affordable — and well worth the investment! Here are a few reasons to choose a Golden Rule Cleaning & More, Inc. cleaning package for your home. If you find yourself nodding your head at any of these benefits of weekly home cleaning, it’s likely time to hire a cleaning service for your home.

You need to free up mental space

Let’s face it — a clean space is simply easier to concentrate and relax. General cleaning each week from a trusted maid cleaning service keeps your to-do list manageable and keeps your living and workspaces clutter-free. 

You want to breathe easier

People with asthma or other respiratory problems know the importance of routinely disinfecting and sanitizing. Weekly cleaning helps reduce allergens that can float up from hard surfaces and carpeting and accumulate on furnishings.

You cohabitate with a fur baby (or two)

Pets shed, drag in the dirt on their paws and scatter litter well past the boundaries of their boxes. A cleaning company can address these issues weekly, keeping dander and germs at bay.

You have an active family life

Family activities and caring for your loved ones are things only you can do. A weekly house cleaner can take care of the rest.  And those drop-in guests? With weekly cleaning packages from Golden Rule Cleaning and More, you don’t have to fear that knock on the door.

You commute to work (via the highways or the hallways)

Whether you work out of the home in Earth City, MO, or from a corner of your bedroom, free your after-hours time and reduce your overall workload by utilizing a home cleaning crew from Golden Rule Cleaning & More, Inc.

You like to stay ahead of problems

Routine cleaning by a professional company can help squelch problems before they become major issues. From preventing pest infestations to spotting structural issues like leaks or other damage, a maid service will be sure to point out these problems early, saving you the hassle and money down the road. Proper weekly cleaning can also extend the life of your appliances.

You want the best green products and sustainable cleaning supplies

Green products are healthier for you, non-toxic and safe for the environment. You can also clear out your cleaning cabinet, as our Golden Rule Cleaning & More, Inc. cleaner will arrive with everything they need, from protective gloves to sanitizing solutions to give your home a wall-to-wall scrub — no need to buy the supplies separately. Call us at 314.375.4688in Earth City, MO to schedule your first cleaning.

Weekly Home Cleaning Company in Earth City, MO

Let Golden Rule Cleaning & More, Inc. show you why weekly cleaning is worth the investment. We can take house cleaning tasks off your hands and allow you to reap the many benefits of freed time, a healthier home, and money saved in the long run. 

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