A residential homeowner in St. Peters, MO using a green broom to sweep up New Year party decorations.

New Year Cleaning Tips & Tricks

Do you want to ring in the New Year in your St. Peters, MO home by having it cleaned from top to bottom? Then, you don’t need to wait until spring to spruce up your nest. Instead, you can easily do some cleaning that changes how your house looks and feels.

Cleaning, sanitizing, and disinfecting a home is an excellent way to restore it to like-new condition quickly. It prevents the spread of germs and bacteria. It also makes it look and smell better too. Imagine all the benefits of hiring a cleaning company to perform your routine cleaning.

Ways to Keep Your Home Clean in Between Maid Services

All you’ll need to do is some spot cleaning to get you through until our St. Peters, MO home cleaning company, Golden Rule Cleaning & More, Inc., can return to your property. Below are some essential cleaning tips that change how you start your new year.

Invest in Protective Gloves to Keep Your Skin Safe from Chemicals

Suitable gloves create a barrier between you and any substance you use to clean your home this year. It’s one tip that every cleaning company will recommend you do to avoid bad allergic reactions to soap and other cleaners. It’s important to know if you have a latex allergy, too. If you do, you’ll want to avoid buying gloves made from the material.

Look for Cleaning Supplies that are Multipurpose & Eco-Friendly

There’s no need to invest in a dozen different cleaners when multiple products on the market are multipurpose. Instead, you can use one to tackle all the in-between cleanings you do before your weekly visit from the cleaning company you’ve hired. But, of course, you’ll also want to invest in eco-friendly products so you’re not exposed to harsh chemicals.

Ditch the Microfiber Cloths & Find Organic or Bamboo Options

When washed regularly, the fibers in cloth rags break loose in the washing machine and become water waste. Microplastics pollute streams and rivers, destroying entire ecosystems in the process. Choose natural cleaning cloths made from hemp or bamboo if possible. Our team at Golden Rule Cleaning & More, Inc. uses organic and eco-friendly cleaning supplies to keep your home clean and allergen-free while benefiting the environment.

Why You Should Choose Us to Clean Your Home This New Year’s

Our St. Peters, MO company uses green products to clean with today. That means your home is cleaned thoroughly and safely without impacting your health or the planet. The best part is that you don’t need to wait until New Year’s to set up a weekly cleaning schedule because you can contact us anytime with your request.

New Year cleaning helps you achieve more. Start with a clean slate. Call Golden Rule Cleaning & More, Inc. at 314.375.4688 today to discuss general cleaning with us immediately.

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