No Tantrums! 6 Tips To Teach Your Kids To Clean Their Room

Getting your children to tidy up their space may seem like a tall order, but it’s a game-changer for building responsibility and commitment. Now, let’s face it; chores aren’t everyone’s cup of tea, especially regarding kids. So, the question is, how can you get them to clean their room?

Check out these six tips to make convincing your kids to pick up their room easier.

Tip #1. Emphasize why a clean room matters

Explaining to your kids the importance of cleaning their room sets the stage so they can make it part of their routine when growing up. Although kids might still not fully grasp concepts like responsibility and tidiness, you can clarify why cleaning their room matters.

For example, talk with them about consequences they can understand, like their toys getting lost or breaking down due to all the mess or not being able to use their favorite pajamas. These are just examples, but you can adjust the talk depending on their particularities.

Tip #2. Show your kids the right way to do it

Children can easily get frustrated if they don’t know how to do something, and a frustrated kid will hardly want to keep doing their chores. However, you can counter that by showing them how to do the task while explaining every step of the process!

Once your kids know how to carry out their chores, they’ll be more engaged. Just remember to stay near while they get better at it so you can offer support whenever they get stuck. 

Tip #3. Make cleaning a fun moment

Even as an adult, cleaning is not the most enjoyable thing to do, so try to transform it into a more fun time for your kids! That way, they’ll associate positive experiences with cleaning, inspiring a sense of enthusiasm rather than obligation.

A game that works wonders to get your kids involved in cleaning their room is musical statues (also named freeze dance). Play one of their favorite songs and tell them to clean until the music stops. Then, they have to freeze in place and wait for the music to resume.

Tip #4. Break chores down into smaller tasks

Think about it, cleaning an entire room might seem like a colossal task to a child. So, help them conquer this challenge by breaking it down into manageable segments. Start with one corner or type of chore at a time, whether making the bed or organizing their books.

Also, don’t make your kid do all these tasks one after another. Instead, spread them throughout the day (or week) to make it even more manageable for them. Kids won’t feel the pressure, and the results will be the same (or even better) in the end!

Tip #5. Give your children organizational tools

Bins, shelves, and labels can make cleaning a systematic and efficient process. These tools help track your kids’ belongings better and make it less cumbersome for them to pick their room effectively.

Classifying things is a little game in itself, so kids will be more enticed to keep their toys, clothes, and other stuff where they belong!

Tip #6. Acknowledge the effort

Acknowledging and appreciating your child’s efforts in keeping their room clean goes a long way in nurturing good habits. It also makes a great difference in how they approach their chores.

Consider giving your kids a special treat after they achieve a cleaning goal. However, don’t make this the norm to avoid them doing it solely for the reward. Verbal praise is also effective; a “well done” or “thanks” for a good job has a big impact on them.

Keep chores easy for you and your kids!

As time goes on, you’ll need to get your kids more and more involved in the house’s cleaning duties. Keep things as less cumbersome as possible for them (and you) by learning easier and more effective ways to tackle those tasks. Check out our blog for tons of guides and tricks!

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