A cleaning professional using quality products and materials to clean up after a residential home party in O’Fallon, MO.

Cleaning Tips After a Party or Get Together

Social occasions with friends or family are some of the most rewarding ways to use our living spaces, but cleaning after the fun is over can seem daunting. For parties in O’Fallon, MO – or anywhere else – the cleaning experts at Golden Rule Cleaning and More recommend these simple steps to make the process easier.

Step #1: Plan Ahead

One way to minimize the amount of after-celebration cleanup is to ensure you have more than the typical garbage disposal, recycling, and spot cleaning resources.

For example, keep a single storage space for cleaning supplies (a mop, absorbent cloths, garbage bags, all-purpose and furniture cleaners, broom, dustpan, or a small “dust-buster” vacuum). Put extra garbage and recycling bins in convenient places for guests and keep food containers and refrigerator space for leftovers and drinks.

You can also stay on top of a few cleaning tasks during the event: not the point of stress, but simply taking care of things you happen to be right on top of when they happen.

Step #2: Set Priorities for Immediate Cleaning

Don’t try to tackle everything at once as soon as your guests have left. Instead, prioritize the most critical immediate tasks, take care of them first, and let the rest wait for the next day.

Put away leftovers, especially anything perishable. Load the dishwasher so you don’t wake up to a sink full of dirty dishes, and clear any garbage from tables and surfaces in each house room. Clean up crumbs and spot-clean any potentially sticky residue or stains.

With these things taken care of, the work of cleaning the next day will be easier, and you’ll deter ants and other critters. Then, you can rest easy, knowing the rest of the cleanup will be manageable. 

Step #3: The Day After

Once you’ve taken care of the immediate short-term cleaning, you can spend the following day getting your home shipshape. Clean any remaining dishes that didn’t fit in the dishwasher, declutter and tidy your kitchen and other spaces room by room, rotate and fluff your cushions, and wipe down the furniture while spot-cleaning any stains you missed the first time around.

Finish up by cleaning the floors–you may want to mop with a stronger cleaning solution than usual, to be extra sure of getting rid of any sticky messes–and the bathroom, which is likely to be the biggest job. Having covered these bases, you’ll be able to rest easy knowing that your O’Fallon, MO home is back to normal.

Of course, you can hire the professionals at Golden Rule Cleaning & More, Inc. for extra thoroughness in home cleaning without exhausting yourself.

Take Advantage of Residential Cleaning Services

If you’re handling post-party cleaning in O’Fallon, MO, you can get expert assistance. Contact the personalized, eco-friendly maid and janitorial services of Golden Rule Cleaning and More – online or by phone at 314.375.4688 – and enjoy the support of a company focused on helping families with busy schedules.

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