6 Easy Tips To Prevent Dust From Filling Your House

Living completely dust-free is impossible, but if you push cleaning back long enough, you will have too much dust settling all over your home. 

Are you tired of all the dust in your home? Here are six tips to help you reduce the dust you have to deal with!

But where does all the dust come from?

These stubborn particles come from many places (like outside dirt or pet dander), even ones that may seem unusual (such as food crumbs, dead bugs, and even dead skin!). So it’s no wonder there are always dust particles floating around.

Dry dusting is not good enough!

While it may seem like dusting is the logical solution, it doesn’t do much. Surprised? The fact is that all dry dusting does is push the dust from the surfaces you cleaned to other spots, most likely the floor.

In summary, it is everywhere, unavoidable, but still manageable! You simply need to trade your dry cloth for a damp one or use a vacuum cleaner to trap all the dust you can.

Now, let’s get to the part where we show you how to stop dust from taking over your house!

How to reduce the dust in your house

While having a home 100% free of dust is nearly impossible, many things will make a significant change to keep the dust away for longer. Here are our top six tips:

Tip #1. Change the bedding

Your bed is one of the most common places to accumulate dust mites and dead skin particles from your body (yes, even when you shower!). So, to avoid sleeping in a dusty bed, simply change and wash your bedding every other week.

Tip #2. Declutter regularly

The more things you have out in the open, the more places the dust has to settle. So, to avoid this problem, simply dust and store the objects you don’t need handy—this will also make your home look organized!

Tip#3. Get a doormat

When you go out and come back to your house, your shoes carry all the outside dirt with them. So, dusting your shoes outside with a mat (especially a coarse doormat) will greatly help.

Tip #4. Clean from top to bottom

You probably don’t want to clean twice, but that’s exactly what happens when you clean the floor and then push the dust from a table back onto it. So, always clean from the highest surface and work your way down.

Tip #5. Clear the air

Investing in an air purifier could be a good option if you live in a very dusty and windy place or suffer from allergies. These devices help trap the dust inside their air filters, making a big difference in indoor air.

Tip #6. Vacuum often

Dust always finds a way to settle in your home, regardless of how little the mess is. So, vacuuming both your floors and carpets often still makes a big difference to trap any dust that may be starting to gather on them.

Let us help you keep a dust-free home!

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