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Our team at Golden Rule Cleaning & More is here to assist your commercial business by providing expert eco-friendly janitorial cleaning services in St. Charles, MO. Regardless of the type of company you own, the last thing you want for your customers and employees is to operate in an unsanitary workplace. It is our goal as professional maids to restore the environment of your workplace and we do that through consistent training, experience, and eco-friendly products. Whether you need cleaning services for your office’s common spaces cleaned or a rental property that has to be move-in ready, you can count on Golden Rule Cleaning & More to perform expert janitorial services that leave you impressed every time.

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Our Services

At Golden Rule Cleaning & More, our team has been serving the St Charles, MO area with quality cleaning services that never fail to impress our clients. Whether you own an apartment complex or a small family business, we are here to help keep your spaces clean using the best products and equipment on the market, making us a completely green cleaning business. If you’re interested in booking one of our many janitorial cleaning services, call us today!

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Hospital Grade Products

We keep our client’s properties bacteria-free using hospital-grade disinfectants and sanitizing solutions that are often found in labs and medical facilities. With our commercial janitorial cleaning services, we guarantee that your frequently used surfaces will be thoroughly examined and cleaned to prevent the spread of allergens and germs that often accumulate in shared spaces. By using hospital-grade products, we ensure that you, your employees, and your customers are kept safe and healthy in every part of your commercial building. For more information on the products we use, give our team a call and schedule your first general cleaning service with Golden Rule Cleaning & More in St. Charles, MO.

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Constant Training & Innovative Technology

Our maids at Golden Rule Cleaning & More in St. Charles, MO take pride in being thoroughly trained and experienced before stepping foot in your workplace. We spend weeks training our cleaning experts to make sure that they are fully knowledgeable of our products, services, and procedure so that you feel confident in our abilities right from the start. Using innovative scheduling technology and commercial resources, our maids are the perfect choice for your business’s cleaning services whether you require us multiple times a week or once a month. Our team focuses on time management, quality control, and leaving your business looking new with every visit. Give us a call today and learn more about our cleaning processes and why Golden Rule Cleaning & More is the solution for your business.

Benefits of Our Custom Janitorial Services

Our janitorial services are essential for keeping a commercial workplace in quality condition. It may seem easier to assign cleaning tasks to each of your staff members, however, we have found that this not only adds unnecessary work onto your employees that take away from your business, but the cleaning is never thoroughly complete, leaving crumbs, dust, and stains to accumulate on hard surfaces. When you invest in janitorial services from Golden Rule Cleaning & More in St. Charles, MO, we provide a variety of benefits that have been proven to help businesses increase their productivity and overall positivity in their workspace. Booking one of our cleaning services will come with the following advantages: