A professional maid using a window cleaning solution and a yellow rag to clean the window of a residential or commercial residence in Earth City, MO for spring cleaning.

Get the Spring Cleaning Your Home or Business Needs

With springtime comes the necessity of giving your home or business a deep spring cleaning to eliminate months of stagnant air, dust, and dirt. Colder temperatures often mean that windows and doors are kept shut constantly, drastically reducing ventilation. Shorter daylight hours increased inclement weather, and a general feeling of tiredness can all lead to an inability to keep up with a regular cleaning schedule or overlook the extent of the mess that has accumulated. If you are looking for a cleaning company in Earth City, MO, then contact the best in the area, Golden Rule Cleaning and More, to get a sparkling clean from a company that prioritizes customer satisfaction and uses green products for added health benefits. 

Spring Clean for a Healthier Environment

An excellent cleaning does more than eliminate visible dust and dirt. Your home and office can be a breeding ground for bacteria if you don’t take the necessary steps of disinfecting and sanitizing every surface. When you choose a professional cleaning service, you can rest assured that every room is given the attention it needs to remove not only dust but germs and allergens so that you can breathe better. Cleaning can also prevent mold growth issues or identify areas that need extra care so they don’t become a health hazard. 

Opt-In for Eco-Friendly Products to Benefit Yourself and the Planet

Traditional cleaning products often contain harmful chemicals that irritate your skin and eyes, making protective gloves a must. Golden Rule Cleaning & More, Inc. uses eco-friendly cleaning supplies that are a safer alternative. They have the same powerful results for home and business cleaning but do so in a gentler way that protects your family, pets, or employees from the side effects of breathing in or having skin contact with harsh products. Our green cleaning products are non-toxic and contain low allergens, so you will do your part to protect the planet and create a healthier home or work environment. 

You can fill out the easy online contact form to speak with a knowledgeable representative to get more information and discuss your needs and preferences, so you get the most from your cleaning service. 

Get a Thorough Clean with a Wide Range of Services

Spring cleaning is often a more considerable undertaking than basic cleaning needs, especially if you are looking for commercial cleaning services in the Earth City, MO area. So save yourself time and get a top-to-bottom clean with the service that meets your needs. We offer everything from general cleaning and housekeeping to move-out cleaning. We can even take care of your vacation or rental property, so you know you will receive stellar reviews from tenants. 

Carpet cleaning is another excellent service that will make your carpets look new after long months of tracking in dirt and water from snow, rain, and treated sidewalks and roads. The best part is that you can request the same staff member as your personal cleaner to get consistent results you’ll love. 

After your home or business has been treated to a deep clean, set up weekly cleaning appointments to keep it looking fresh and inviting all year long!

Contact Golden Rule Cleaning & More, Inc. in Earth City, MO at 314.375.4688 to book your appointment today!

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