9 Simple Tips To Get Motivated To Clean

While cleaning is not the most pleasant task, it is generally not difficult. However, when you lack motivation, anything can seem more challenging than it actually is. 

Do you have a hard time finding reasons to clean besides just needing to do it? Here are nine tips to help you find the extra motivation needed to complete your chores.

Tip #1. Set a deadline

Knowing when to finish cleaning can be a great outside motivator if you work best under pressure or on a schedule. So, don’t be afraid to be more strict on your routine if that helps you accomplish your chores more easily. Set a date to see the results!

Tip #2. Plan a gathering or event

Having more reasons to have a clean home besides just the fact that it’s something you have to do will go a long way to give you some much-needed extra motivation. Some other reasons to clean could be having visitors or making a garage sale.

Similar to the previous tip, you’ll have a deadline that you’ll depend on, and others will also look forward to seeing your clean space.

Tip #3. Limit the time you clean

Sometimes, deciding to spend all your free time cleaning is not the best way to go. If you don’t feel like doing your chores, working in short bouts may be better for you. This way, you only need to invest ten or fifteen minutes and take as many breaks as you need in between! 

Tip #4. Make the chores smaller

If it’s a tall order, cleaning urges you to divide and conquer. This way, finishing one task will become a more easily achievable goal than if you keep thinking of it as this titanic chore. Plus, you’ll feel like you’re doing more, even when advancing at the same speed as usual!

Tip #5. Have fun while cleaning

If you find cleaning boring, it’s no wonder you don’t look forward to your chores. However, you can easily overcome this boredom by making cleaning a more exciting experience! For example, you can play music or a podcast you like—anything that entertains but doesn’t 

fully distract you.

Tip #6. Get rid of (some) distractions

Stop getting distracted every time you have to clean! If you keep looking at your phone or putting on a TV show you like, you’ll continue to find things that seem better than cleaning, making you even less motivated. 

So, try to leave your phone alone and, if you want the TV on, choose something you’re okay only listening to.

Tip #7. Give yourself a reward

Having something extra to look forward to when you finish is a great way to scrape up some motivation. So, get yourself those incentives—it can be as simple as spending extra time on one of your hobbies or treating yourself to a tasty snack or drink!

Tip #8. Set reasonable expectations

Don’t give yourself more work than you can realistically accomplish. Setting unrealistic expectations will only lead to disappointment and a growing lack of desire for cleaning. So, when planning your chores, always consider your time, tools, and abilities.

Tip #9. Get help or trade cleaning time

Cleaning an entire house doesn’t have to be a one-person job. If the sheer amount of things you have to do is causing you the most stress, you can get some help! For example, make it a family activity or trade cleaning time with a friend.

Still not enough motivation? Outsource your cleaning chores!

If you still have no motivation after trying these tips, or if the chores keep accumulating and you don’t seem to make a space in the checklist, you can always let someone else handle the cleaning!

With Golden Rule Cleaning And More, you won’t have to worry about not wanting to do chores. Schedule your cleaning today.

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